San Jacinto, County, Texas, property, tax, fraud, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Harris County, District Attorney

This is a court ordered photo of the Shotwell’s interior second floor, second story. The San Jacinto County Appraisal District no longer counts this as livable space. My opinion, are formed by facts, is it is like the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas being protected by Harris County Assistant District Attorney, Madam Kaylynn Williford and The Texas Judges that are supposed to be enforcing the law. In this photo in the upper right-hand corner is air-conditioner, heat vent, also a bed and closet space. And that is second-story livable space.


About Hollis Morton

I took part, in Austin, in a video deposition that ended up in 258th district judge Coker now can no longer be a judge in Texas. I was advised that my video deposition be about Harris County asst. district atty. K. Williford & officers of the law, Texas Parks & Wildlife, conspiring to make my death look like an accident to cover up property tax fraud.
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