Two-Story House

Phyllis A. Morton owned a two-story house located at 2913 Mulberry, Pasadena, Texas. 77502 for 32 years.  You can go to click on address, type in, 2913 mulberry, click search, go to the bottom of the report and see, attic finished and half story.  2913 Mulberry’s house photo. 

Case NO. CIV 11,234.  The Sworn Affidavit of Kaylynn Williford, Harris County Assistant District Atty…  Williford said, “I am the current president of the Association, and assumed this office on August 6, 2005.  The Association is one of the defendants in this suit.  Plaintiffs seems to make an issue of finished attic space and/or windows in gables making a house a two story house.”

Now with the invention of the Internet anyone can Google images of finished attics and see that it is a second-story.  Paradise Cove deed restrictions clearly state single story only.

Merriam-Webster collegiate dictionary tenth addition. Oxford English dictionary, six additions.

American Heritage dictionary of the English language, fourth edition.

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Definition of the words, floor, loft, attic, story, and reserve Phyllis A. Morton should not have lost this lawsuit.


About Hollis Morton

I took part, in Austin, in a video deposition that ended up in 258th district judge Coker now can no longer be a judge in Texas. I was advised that my video deposition be about Harris County asst. district atty. K. Williford & officers of the law, Texas Parks & Wildlife, conspiring to make my death look like an accident to cover up property tax fraud.
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