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These are the court ordered photos of Mr. Hanson’s house.

Where does that staircase go, the second-story loft? You may notice the deer rug hiding things on the second-story loft. In the photos of the second-story loft, that is empty, the deer rug is also gone. In the evidence provided by the Paradise Cove Property Owners Association the San Jacinto County Appraisal District (SJCAD) report does not show this loft at all. In my opinion, and allegations, that is using false evidence in a court of law. I personally took these photos to the SJCAD and had them put his second-story loft on the appraisal. The SJCAD does not include this as living space on Mr. Hanson’s appraisal. Maybe the SJCAD considers this area as climate controlled storage for human-beans. The deed restrictions state, single story only. They do not state and a loft. That is the contract that Phyllis A. Morton purchased her house with.


About Hollis Morton

I took part, in Austin, in a video deposition that ended up in 258th district judge Coker now can no longer be a judge in Texas. I was advised that my video deposition be about Harris County asst. district atty. K. Williford & officers of the law, Texas Parks & Wildlife, conspiring to make my death look like an accident to cover up property tax fraud.
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