258th district Judge Elizabeth Coker, was forced to resign from office.

Please read my blog, newsletter, from the bottom up.

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Does the Assistant DA and Judges think everybodys stupid? http://community.apartmenttherapy.com/contests/smallcool/2011/entries/1131

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Be Very Afraid

After you read my blog please go to www.hgtv.com and www.diynetwork.com and in the search box type attic. These are two home-improvement networks on pay TV. Knowledge is power. Maybe you have already heard of the kangaroo courts in Texas or the book, Terror on Highway 59, and now the Morton’s 32 years of experience owning a two-story house.

 Are these Texas judges corrupt are just stupid? I believe these judges want the honest people to be afraid of them. I’m sure the Harris County Assistant DA Kaylynn Willford wants her two-story on the waterfront. In my blog you will see words that should be looked up in the dictionary. If the judges are not corrupt than they are letting our children learn from dictionaries that are wrong. The court room documents show that the Judges are obviously corrupt. False government documents and perjury.

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Case Law, Deed Restrictions, Visual Appearance, and Intent

This is Stephen and, Kaylynn Williford’s Assistant District Atty. Harris County, Texas,  approved by the architectural control committee, drawing of their two-story home to be built on block eight. One can clearly see that it has, in real estate terms, a two-story foyer entrance, by visual appearance. Now Texas has case law that visual appearance and intent, does not apply to deed restrictions. Paradise Cove deed restrictions clearly state, All homes in block eight (8) will be single story only. Block eight is Lake Livingston waterfront.

Please come to Paradise Cove and see with your own eyes. You have seen the photograph of Mr. Hanson’s driveway. Mrs. Morton could not prove that driveway existed in the Texas 11th Court of appeals. Lies win over eyes.

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Harris County Assistant District Attorney Kaylynn Williford.

Following the money trail, billing statement, Madam Williford used her county email, WILLIFORD_KAYLYNN@da.co.harris.tx.us to do her President of Paradise Cove Property Owners Association work and POA lawsuit in San Jacinto County to benefit herself.

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Linda Lewis chief appraiser, San Jacinto County Texas.

Court room transcripts.

Linda Lewis, having been first duly sworn, testifies as follows:

Question. And could you tell the court, what is your present occupation?

Answer. I am chief appraiser for the San Jacinto County appraisal district.

Q. And would you establish that by determining, for example, what would be on level I or the first floor versus a second floor?

A. Yes.

Q. And if there were a living space up on a second floor, would you call that a second story? Is that the way you…

A. A second story or a second floor living area.

Q. Is this a true reflection of the square footage and so forth according to your records in the appraisal office?

A. To the best of my knowledge, yes.

Q. Okay. And how about the other documents that you have that indicate the square footage in that house? Does it indicate a second floor square footage?

A. No, it does not.

Q. Do you know if there is a second floor on that property?

A. Not to my knowledge.

That is why I took the court ordered photographs of Hanson’s house over to the County appraisal office. The Property Owners Association is clearly using falsified government documents for their benefit but yet that seems to be okay in the 258th District Court of Judge Elizabeth Coker and the rest of the legal system in Texas.

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The Texas 11th Court of Appeals fails to do their job

  The Texas 11th Court of Appeals states, Phyllis Morton, “she also has not presented any arguments pertaining to her deed restriction claims for signs erected in the subdivision or the construction of a driveway on Hanson’s property. Any complaints that appellant may have regarding those theories of recovery are waived because she did not present argument and legal authority in her brief to preserve error on those complaints. Despite the relative simplicity of the issues, the parties have presented this court with a clerk’s record that consist of more than 6,000 pages. Furthermore, a nineteen-volume reporters record has also been filed in this appeal even though this is an appeal for a summary judgment.”

  All that paperwork, and anyone could have looked at the photos of Hanson’s house and the falsified government documents, County Appraisal, that he and the POA turned in and the lawsuit would have been over with.

  So if the Texas 11th Court of Appeals would have done their job, that the State of Texas pays them to do, they might have seen Phyllis Morton’s claims for signs erected in the subdivision or the construction of a driveway, off Hanson’s property on the easement. Furthermore the photograph shows Hanson’s driveway built on the easement of the subdivision. He does not park a wheel one, on his property. When Mrs. Morton parks on the easement, the Property Owners Association calls the East Tex Towing company to have her boats removed. You could have found the transcript of the recorded conversation from the East Tex Towing company in the court documents. The East Tex Towing company was subpoenaed to testify in court. The 258th District Judge Elizabeth Coker would not allow East Tex Towing company to speak in the court room even though East Tex Towing company was subpoenaed and present at the court along with a dozen or more people that was subpoenaed that did not get to speak.

  Madam. Kaylynn Williford owns the property between Hanson’s house and the house further away. Once again, from the road standing in front of her property looking to the left and the right you can see she perjured herself on her sworn affidavit.

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